Sunday, August 19, 2007

Desert Rain Cafe, Leh

This is the best coffee shop in Leh (well actually the best I have visited at any Hill station). Its an amazing place to unwind and relax. Some super coffee, tasty deserts, great music - classic rock, amazing seating - both ladakhi style and the classic coffee shop furniture, good collection of books and a sprinkling of movies & special screenings. Everything that you could ask of a place which is home away from home.

This place is run by a guy Darjeeling who was working at Infosys, Pune till sometime back. He had come to Leh on a two week holiday last year, fell in love with the place & decide to lease this coffee shop.

This picture is not very clear, hence needs an explanation. Customers are encouraged to post their place of origin on this India map or world map.

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princessleha said...

Great photos! Thank you for your kind words about our coffee shop! The Desert Rain cafe' is open most of the year, and we have movie nights and music-jam nights, and concerts through the year. Our goal is to serve great Espresso coffee drinks, while maintaining a fun environment for the town. It's the real-deal. It's the only true Espresso-based coffee business in the entire State, let alone, Leh, Ladakh. We are proud of our little cafe'. Actually, it was paid for and set up by the Moravians there, and a lovely American lady named Nelka who was living there for several years. She designs coffee houses around the world. She recruits the staff, and trains everyone in the coffee-business, trying as much as possible to employ as many locals 'of the land' that she can. She also uses natural design techniques which incorporate the natural elements of that particular environment. That is why there is seating that is both Western and Ladakhi-style. And, here's a little secret; Leh is so remote that it took twice as long to set this coffee house up as usual, because all of the equipment, and even cooking supplies that are not naturally found there in Leh, have to be imported-in from around the world! Come visit our shoppe!